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Music In Scotland News - September 2013

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo - 2013 (CD)

Highlights from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013 on CD. Recorded live on the Castle Esplanade, the stunning music from The 2013 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp (CD)

Two Harp Traditions Meet! Internationally recognised for their individual harp talents, combine beautifully on their second collabaration -The Auld Harp. Catriona McKay (Scottish Harp) and Olov Johansson (Swedish nyckelharpa ). Catriona, from Fiddlers’ Bid, a Celtic harper like no other, and Olov from the band. Vasen break new ground with their stunning interplay and beautiful melodies.

1. The Auld Harp
2. Rory Dall’s Port /Masbopolketten
3. Going Green
4. Little Fiddler in the Fire
5. Nacken and Skoella
6. Splash
7. Ballongen
8. Ruben’s Lullaby
9. Vandningen
10. Fritz Widlund
11. January Lament
12. John O’Connor/Tam
13. Umea Strathspey/The Melt/Flying Reel
14. Spelmansgladje


The Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Breathe (CD)


The new album BREATHE, presents an 'edgier' Red Hot Chilli Pipers performing their driving, energetic 'synthy' takes on Rock music and traditional Scottish & Irish classics. Those of you into their world famous 'BAGROCK' will not be disappointed.

1. The Silver Spear
2. Don’t Stop Believing
3. The Sleeping Tune
4. Gimme All Your Lovin’
5. Down to the Loch a’ Choire
6. Cars
7. Hold the Line
8. Use Somebody
9. Insomnia
10. Croffinloan Times
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Fix You
13. Young Blood
14. Love Will Keep Us Alive


Capercaillie - At The Heart Of It All (CD)

At The Heart Of It All (Released 12th August 2013) , the band’s brand-new 30th anniversary album, revisits and reinvigorates songs sourced from the rich vein of centuries old Hebridean folksongs ,enriched by compelling contemporary arrangements, together with an array of special guests representing the cream of today’s flourishing Scottish music scene.



Transatlantic Sessions 2 Volume 3 (CD)

Penultimate album from the series Transatlantic Sessions 2 - audio fully remastered, and including six tracks previously unreleased on audio.

1. Down by the Sally Gardens (Maura O Connell)
2. Waiting for the Federals (Aly Bain)
3. September when it comes (Rosanne Cash)
4. God knows when (Radney Foster)
5. Jolie Blonde (Michael Doucet)
6. Who knows where the Time goes (Nanci Griffith)
7. Nach Truagh Leat Mi Stún Eirinn (Fiona Kennedy)
8. Bachelor s Walk / The Congress (Breda Smyth)
9. There s always Sunday (Karen Matheson)
10. He got all the Whiskey (John Martyn)
11. Marriage made in Holywood (Paul Brady)
12. A simple Life / Incorporating Traditional Reel (Ricky Skaggs / Aly Bain)
13. Evangeline (James Grant)
14. Road to Aberdeen (Nanci Griffith)
15. Puirt a Beul Set (Iain Macdonald)


Calum Kennedy - Eilean Fraoich (Heather Isle) (CD)

A great collection of vintage recordings by the legendary Calum Kennedy. Tracks are from the late 50s and early 60s and show the versatility of this fine singer. The title track 'Eilean Fraoich', or 'Heather Isle' refers to the Isle of Lewis, Calum's birthplace.

1. Eilean Fraoich
2. Mull Of The Cool High Bens
3. The Dark Island
4. Cailin Mo Run-sa
5. Eilidh
6. A Clydeside Love Lilt
7. Land O’ Heart’s Desire
8. Fagail Liosmor
9. Skye Boat Song
10. Kirsteen
11. Mingulay Boat Song
12. O Horo Mo Chailin Donn
13. Wee Highland Glen
14. Skye Fishers’ Song
15. Air Moch Di-Luain
16. Leaving Barra.


George Hamilton IV and Alastair McDonald - Where Cares Can Wait (CD)


Country music legend George Hamilton IV (Country Music Hall Of Fame) teams up with Scottish folk singer and broadcaster Alastair McDonald to present this 15 track collection of songs of Scotland past and present.

1. Livingstone "Lad From Blantyre Mill"
2. Coulter's Candy
3. Dumbarton's Drums
4. Amazing Grace
5. Over The Sea To Skye
6. Rose Of Allendale
7. Culloden's Harvest
8. Farewell To Nova Scotia
9. Lament For Mary "Queen Of Scots"
10. Jenny & Me
11. Loch Lomond
12. Maids Of New England
13. Wild Mountain Thyme
14. William Wallace "Knight Of Elderslie"
15. Come By The Hills


Hugh MacDiarmid's Haircut - Airs From Your Elbow (CD)


Scotland's original bagpipe ceilidh band, led by legendary piper Gary West. Not your regular ceilidh band .... expect the unexpected! Bagpipes, whistles, guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion combine to make some of the most powerful pumping dance sounds around.

1. Gay Gordons: Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle / Sweet Maid of Glendaruel / Haughs of Cromdale / Johnnie Cope / Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
2. Hoolican's Jig: Paddy's Leather Breeches / Jig of Slurs / Irish Washerwoman / Langstrom's Pony
3. Canadian Barn Dance: Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban / 93rd at Modder River / Helen Black of Inveran
4. Dashing White Sergeant: Atholl Highlanders / Farewell To the Creeks / Glendaruel Highlanders / Atholl Highlanders
5. Pipe Watzes: Loch Rannoch / The Cradle Song / Hector the Hero
6. Eightsome Reel: Break Yer Bass Drone / Old Mountain Road / Dinkie's / Andy Renwick's Ferret etc..
7. Highland Schottische: Orange & Blue / Deil in the Kitchen / Captain Horne / Tha mi Sgith / Orange & Blue
8. Cumberland Square Eight: Humours of Tulla / Gravel Walk / Swallow Tailed Coat / Sleepy Maggie
9. Military Two Step: Murdo Mackenzie of Torridon / MacLeod of Mull / Blue Bonnets O'er the Border / Murdo Mackenzie of Torridon
10. Strip the Willow: Hag At the Churn / Lark In the Morning / Scare o' Tatties / Old Hag You Have Killed Me / Hag At the Churn / Lark In the Morning
11. Last Waltz: The Dark Island / Skye Boat Song


Gaelic Songs From The North Uist Tradition (Scottish Tradition Series Vol 25) (CD)


This album is the 25th in the Scottish Tradition Series of recordings from The School of Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The series was described in the past as: 'The most important series of traditional recordings ever.'

1. Bu chaoin leam bhith 'n Uibhist - Hugh Matheson - Hugh Matheson
2. An cuala sibh mar dh'èirich dhòmhs' - Miss Bella MacPhail - Miss Bella MacPhail
3. Guma slàn don ribhinn òig - Ewen Morrison - Ewen Morrison
4. Cailleach Mhòr Stadhlaigh - Fred Macaulay - Fred Macaulay
5. Tha bò dhubh agam - Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald; Mo bhò dhubh mhòr - Roderick MacDonald; Hud, a bhodaich - Roderick MacDonald - Roderick MacDonald
6. Ghruagach dhonn a' bhrollaich bhàin - Donald MacLean - Donald MacLean
7. Òran an ròin - Rev. William Matheson; Òran an ròin - Miss Margaret MacLeod - Miss Margaret MacLeod
8. Òran na caillich - Andrew Laing - Andrew Laing
9. Hóro, leannain, an cluinn thu - Roderick Macaulay - Roderick Macaulay
10. Tunnag bhàn Mòire; An ràcan a bh' agamsa - Ewen MacDonald - Ewen MacDonald
11. An Eala Bhàn - Mrs Helen Morrison - Mrs Helen Morrison
12. S ann mu thuath, fada tuath - Ewen Morrison - Ewen Morrison
13. S ann a-raoir a rinn mi 'n dàn seo - Hugh Matheson - Hugh Matheson
14. Tha mìle long air Cuan Èirinn - Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald - Mrs Marion Ann MacDonald
15. Gur mis' tha fo mhì-ghean - Donald MacLellan - Donald MacLellan
16. Hó, mo leannan, hé, mo leannan - Miss Bella MacPhail - Miss Bella MacPhail
17. Bodaich odhar Hoghaigearraidh - Rev. William Matheson - Rev. William Matheson
18. Canntaireachd - Miss Kate MacCormick - Miss Kate MacCormick
19. Òigh Loch nam Madadh - Donald MacLean - Donald MacLean
20. A fhleasgaich òig as ceanalta - Mrs Helen Morrison - Mrs Helen Morrison
21. O, gur e mo ghaol a' lasgain - Roderick MacDonald - Roderick MacDonald
22. Horó, chan eil cadal orm - Ronald John MacDonald - Ronald John MacDonald
23. Òran an radain - Mrs Rachel MacLeod - Mrs Rachel MacLeod
24. Hì ho ró, mo ghruagach dhonn - Donald MacLean - Donald MacLean
25. Thug mi 'n oidhche raoir san àirigh - Donald MacLean - Donald MacLean
26. Chì mi Clèatrabhal bhuam - Angus MacDonald - Angus MacDonald
27. Bàs an Fhìrein - Mrs Rachel MacLeod - Mrs Rachel MacLeod
28. A Mhàiri bhòidheach - Ronald John MacDonald - Ronald John MacDonald


The Rough Guide to Celtic Women (CDx2)


Music from the Celtic shores of Northern Europe and beyond. Artists like Irish singer Cara Dillon and French-Breton innovator Cecile Corbel infuse their music with strands of contempoary folk.

Disc: 1

1. Pauline Scanlon - In Shame Love, In Shame - Pauline Scanlon
2. Cara Dillon - The Hill Of Thieves - Cara Dillon
3. Julie Fowlis - M' Fhearann Saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich)/Nellie Garvey's Favourite/'G Ioman Nan Gamhan - Julie Fowlis
4. Sharon Shannon Feat. Carol Keogh - Summer Sands - Sharon Shannon
5. Karine Polwart - What Are You Waiting For? - Karine Polwart
6. Susana Seivane - Foliada De Caión - Susana Seivane
7. Capercaillie - Turas An Ànraidh (The Stormy Voyage) - Capercaillie
8. Eamon Doorley, Julie Fowlis, Ross Martin & Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - Da Bhfaigheann Mo Rogha De Thriu - Eamon Doorley/Julie Fowlis/Ross Martin/Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
9. Karan Casey - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye - Karan Casey
10. Gráda - John Riley - Grada
11. Cécile Corbel - Brian Boru - Cecile Corbel
12. Altan - Amhran Pheadair Bhreathnaigh - Altan
13. Maggie MacInnes - A' Mhaighdeann Bharrach (The Barra Maiden) - Maggie MacInnes
14. T With The Maggies - Cuach Mo Londubh Buí - T With The Maggies
15. Teresa Doyle - O'Halloran Road - Teresa Doyle

Disc: 2

1. Seacht Suáilce na Maighdine Muire - Teresa Doyle
2. Tàladh Ar Slànair - Teresa Doyle
3. In Ainm An Athar Go mBuaidh - Teresa Doyle
4. Caoineadh Mhuire - Teresa Doyle
5. Suantraí Na Maighdine - Teresa Doyle
6. Deus Meus Adiuva Me - Teresa Doyle
7. An tAiséirí - Teresa Doyle
8. Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia - Teresa Doyle
9. Gabham Molta Bhríde - Teresa Doyle
10. Don Oíche Úd I mBeithil - Teresa Doyle
11. Seacht nDólás Na Maighdine Muire - Teresa Doyle


The Rough Guide to Celtic Lullabies (CDx2)


From the rugged shores of Ireland to Brittany's pine-covered hills, the Celtic world has a long tradition of lullabies. Enjoy calm fiddle and harp songs from the likes of Liz Carroll and Alan Stivell.

Disc 1:

1. Altan - Dún Do Shúil - Altan
2. Liz Carroll - A Day And An Age - Liz Carroll
3. Plethyn - Cysga Di Fy Mhlentyn Tlws (Sleep, My Little One) - Plethyn
4. Margie Butler - Baloo Baleerie - Margie Butler
5. Brian Hughes & Garry O'Briain - The Fairy Child - Brian Hughes & Garry O'Briain
6. Kirkmount - I Wonder As I Wander - Kirkmount
7. Alan Stivell - An Hirañ Noz - Alan Stivell
8. Teresa Doyle - A Lullabye - Teresa Doyle
9. Plethyn - Si Hei Lwli Mabi (Hush, My Little Baby) - Plethyn
10. Flook - Rosbeg - Flook
11. Christina Stewart - Nam Bu Leam Fhìn Thu Thàladhainn Thu (If You Were Mine I Would Lull You) - Christina Stewart
12. Nadia Birkenstock - Arran Boat Song - Nadia Birkenstock
13. Alastair Mcdonald - Highland Fairy Lullaby - Alastair McDonald
14. Glasgow Hebridean Choir - All Through The Night - Glasgow Hebridean Choir
15. JCB With Jerry Holland - Boo Baby's Lullaby - JCB & Jerry Holland
16. Tommy Sands - Night Night And Einini - Tommy Sands
17. Golden Bough - The Mermaid's Song/Song Of The Seals - Golden Bough

Disc: 2

1. Eleanor Plunkett - Gráinne Hambly
2. Soft Mild Morning/Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back - Gráinne Hambly
3. The Jointure And Jig - Gráinne Hambly
4. Kitty Magennis - Gráinne Hambly
5. The Tosa Waltz - Gráinne Hambly
6. Young Terence MacDonough - Gráinne Hambly
7. Ag Taisteal Na Blárnan (Travelling Through Blarney) - Gráinne Hambly
8. King Of The Blind/Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady - Gráinne Hambly
9. Inis Oirr - Gráinne Hambly




Rodrigo Costa Felix - Fados De Amor (CD)


A gorgeous Fado album, sung by Rodrigo Costa Félix, with several of his own songs as well as special collaborations and duets (with Kátia Guerrero and Aline Frazão).

Original Portuguese lyrics as well as English translations provided. Info about the artist and each of the songs in English and German.

1. Paixoes Secretas
2. Fonte
3. Amigo Aprendiz
4. Fado Contido
5. Mulher
6. Rosinha dos Limoes
7. Como te quis e te quero
8. Canto Breve
9. O teu olhar
10. Desde ontem que te nao vejo
11. Morena
12. De nós
13. Nos olhos de alguém
14. Partida
15. As palavras que eu procuro


Brazilian Summer (CD)


An exciting and vibrant cross-section of Brazilian classics presented in today’s arrangements. Excellent new and modern versions of songs that most of us will recognise.

1. La Vem o Brasil Descendo a Ladeira
2. Todo Amor Que Houver Nessa Vida
3. Foi No Mês Que Vem
4. Samba de Uma Nota Só
5. Parabolicamará
6. O Samba da Minha Terra
7. O Telefone Tocou Novamente
8. Quase um Segundo
9. Mas Que Nada
10. Clube da Esquina
11. Das Maravilhas do Mar
12. Meu Esquema
13. Marinheiro
14. Deixa
15. Cachaça Mecanica
16. Fita Amarela


Tibet - Lam La Che (CD)


Tibetan songs (featuring Keb’ Mo’ on tr. 15.) about longing to return to the home country, traditional songs from Tibetan provinces and from the capital, Lhasa. Songs about the fight for freedom, love songs as well as songs about the beauty of nature in Spring.

Played on traditional and modern instruments, described in the 20 page booklet (English and German). Lyrics in English.

1. Lok Dro
2. E Ari Lo
3. Tsering Mala
4. Rigsang Bumo
5. Benevolent India
6. Yangla
7. Chala
8. Khar Chu
9. Lama Khen
10. Lalu
11. Udang Lhemo
12. Pema Thang
13. Nangla Chungse
14. Shing Le
15. Lam la Che
16. Phelo Phelo
17. Orok Nagchung
18. Kipotang
19. Ning Thop


The Very Tango Argentino (CD)


An elegant selection of Tango masterpieces, from Piazzolla to the fiery fiddles of Gypsy tango, from Argentinean Milongas and Waltzes to modern Finnish Tango.

1. Milonga de mis amores
2. Orillera
3. Pedacito de cielo
4. Tanguera
5. Nocturna
6. Taconeando
7. Volver
8. Rio de Horo
9. Ikävä omia maita
10. Allegro Tangabile
11. Malena
12. Natalia
13. Avarasylisen naisen laulu
14. Payadora
15. The Very End
16. Oye
17. Invierno porteño
18. La puñalada
19. El Mayoral del Tranvia


Paul and Margie - 40 Most Popular American Folk Songs (CD)


A huge selection of the most popular American folk songs, beautifully presented by Paul & Margie.

42 songs in all. Lyrics and guitar chords included.


Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble - Traditional Music From Korea (CD)


A colourful, varied palette of Korean music, from solemn and contemplative court and ceremonial music to lively and exuberant rural pieces. The music is played on authentic instruments, some of which have a history of thousands of years.

Information about the music and the instruments in English and German, with colour photographs.

1. Ch'ongsong jajinhanip
2. Chang' gu Dance
3. Yombul, T'yaryong, Kunak
4. San jo
5. Nong-ak
6. Sanjo Ensemble
7. Shimch' ong' ga
8. Samullori
9. Binari: Greeting to Good Luck


Hanitra Ranaivo - Songs From Madagascar (CD)


Hanitra is a major celebrity in Madagascar. Known as a "number one" artist in her home country some of her music made it into the Top 40 in the US African Music charts, and No. 18 in Canada. She was elected Best New Artist at the Jazz and World Music Festival, Vannes 2000, France. Her music covers a wide spectrum from traditional, with traditional instruments to modern.

1. Refila
2. Omeko anao
3. Raopilany
4. Kalo
5. Hoy ianao
6. Mandihiza
7. Habakabaka
8. Lavitra anao
9. Tara
10. Misy voalohany
11. Iray, roa, telo