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Pete Clark & Ron Shaw - Jig Of Chance [CD]

Pete Clark & Ron Shaw - Jig Of Chance [CD] - Buy Now

Music old and new in the Scottish tradition. Performing in some wonderful acoustic locations provided the inspiration for this album, and Pete Clark (Fiddle & Viola) & Ron Shaw (Cello) have endeavoured to achieve the same natural sound in this recording. Their repertoire is diverse, ranging from very old Gaelic melodies to new compositions, and includes music be some of the big names in Scots fiddle history - Niel Gow, Nathaniel Gow, Robert Mackintosh, William Marshal, Peter Milne and James Sott Skinner. Darkness and light, sorrow and celebration, this music has it all.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Clydesiders - Scottish Folk Songs - The West [CD]

Here the Clydesiders sing some of the best-known and most-loved songs from the West of Scotland, together with several newer songs from Scotland’s finest songwriters.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Music In Scotland News - May 2013

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Frances Wilkins & Claire White - Blyde Lasses [CD]

Shetland songs and tunes by two formidable talents: Claire White (fiddle & vocals) and Frances Wilkins (English concertina).

1. Hadd Dee Tongue
2. Eagle bairn
3. Wedding Tunes
4. Maas
5. Rough Diamond
6. Da Homin
7. Jigs
8. Draem Flooers
9. Box Social
10. Spencie's Tunes
11. Shingly Beach
12. Da Lasses
13. Fit For A Queen
14. Antarctic Life

Simon Chadwick - Tarbh [CD]

1. An Tarbh Breac Dearg (The Red Speckled Bull)
2. A' Ghlas Mheur (The Finger Lock)
3. Beinn Eadarrainn The Headless Body)
4. Maol Donn MacCrimmon's Sweetheart)
5. A' Bhoilich (The Vaunting)

Iain Cathcart and His Band - Truly Scrumptious [CD]

The band's second release features the regular 6-piece line-up playing 15 tracks of their favourite music. Scottish dance music including jigs, reels, marches, waltzes, plus a couple of unusual tracks for added variety!

1. The Troops Of Mull
2. Slainte
3. Waltzing With Calum
4. Fantasmagorical
5. Captain Carswell's Castle
6. Kilberry Twostep
7. Pat The Budgie
8. Burns Plus One
9. The Hampden Set
10. Jim Royle's Banjo Favourites
11. Lifting Anchor
12. Waltz From The West
13. Ladies Choice
14. Turned Full Circle
15. Saunter Through Ireland

The Stanley Ceilidh: Volume 2 [CD]

A charity release for CHAS. 14 tracks of Scottish dance music from some of the best bands in the country recorded live at the Tayside Hotel during the Stanley Ceilidh. Bands include Scott Gordon, David Cunningham, Ian Hutson, Roy Hendrie, Cullivoe Dance Band, Robert Menzies, Colin Garvin, Niall Kirkpatrick, Linda Irvine & Tom Orr, Craig Paton, Ian Muir...

1. 4/4 Marches
2. Jigs
3. Irish Waltzes
4. 2/4 Pipe Marches
5. Twostep
6. Reels
7. Pipe Jigs
8. 8/8 Marches
9. Slow Air
10. 2/4 Pipe Marches
11. Jigs
12. Waltz
13. 6/8 Marches
14. Reels

Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor - Tonight And Every Night [CD]

Recordings from the early 1960s of this great duo accompanied by The Galliards features many of their trademark songs. Digitally enhanced for CD, this album will take you back to the great era of Scottish folk song.

1. Johnnie Lad
2. Hares On The Mountains
3. Inverey
4. Scottish Medley
5. Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin
6. Cuttie's Waddin'
7. Ye Banks And Braes
8. Mick Maguire
9. Davey Faa
10. The Recruiting Sergeant
11. The Wild Mountain Thyme
12. Gin I Were Where The Gaudie Runs
13. The Old Triangle
14. Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes

Jimmy Blair & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Country Dance Time [CD]

A fine selection of scottish country dances played by Jimmy Blair and his band recorded between 1958 and 1961. The dexterity of Jimmy's playing and the excellent musical swing of the band make for an enjoyable dance - or sit back and listen.

1. Captain McBride's Hornpipe (8x32 Reel)
2. The Baldovan Jig (4x32 Jig)
3. La Russe (8x32 Reel)
4. The Braes Of Balqhidder (128 Bars Strathspey)
5. The Dundee Reel (8x40 Jig)
6. The Eight Men o' Moidart (8x16 Reel)
7. Dalkeith's Strathspey - (8x32 Strathspey)
8. Hamilton House (8x32 Jig)
9. Bonnie Brux (40 bars Strathspey, 40 bars Reel)
10. A Trip To Aberdeen (8x32 Jig)
11. The Duran Ranger (8x32 Reel)
12. MacDonald Of Sleat (120 bars Jig)

Scottish Dance Band Greats Vol 1 (Andrew Rankine, Ian Powrie, Jim McLeod, Jimmy Blair) [CD]

The 1950s and 60s saw the emergence of a new era of Scottish dance bands. Four of the great bands from that time are featured on this album: Andrew Rankine, Ian Powrie, Jim MacLeod and Jimmy Blair.

1. Glasgow Highlanders
2. Maxwell's Rant
3. Scottish Soldier Medley
4. Songs Of The Isles Waltz
5. Angus MacLeod
6. Hebridean Polka
7. MacDonald Of Sleat
8. Just As I Was In The Morning
9. Kingussie Flower
10. The Highland Wedding
11. Coming Through The Rye
12. The Isle Of Skye Reel
13. The Boston Two Step
14. The Robertson Rant
15. Caledonian Country Dance
16. Reel
17. Gaelic Waltz
18. Johnny McGill
19. Para Handy Polka
20. Meg Merrilees Reel

Flockhart - Night Shift [CD]

Fiddle & guitar duo Flockart play some wild and wonderful fiddle music. From beautiful slow pieces to fiery frenzies - many of which are self-penned. Rebecca Brown (fiddle) and Sean Thomson (guitar) are joined on some tracks by acoustic bass, bodhran…

1. Kirsten's Set
2. Billy & Tom's Waltz
3. Delaney's
4. Boo Baby's Lullaby
5. Hora Lautarrreasca
6. Night Shift
7. Superfly Set
8. The Grey Heron
9. Eva's Set
10. George Mel's Dream

Bryce Johnstone - Sook 'n' Blaw [CD]

Bryce Johnstone is one of Scotland's foremost moothie players. Here he is joined by Bill Ewan on piano for a great selection of tunes from Scotland and beyond. A few traditional tunes, but mainly more recent compositions - all played superbly!

1. POLKA: Patchwork Polka
2. WALTZ: Dolphin Waltz
3. MARCHES: Carol Anderson, Horsbrugh Castle, Grand Slam
4. SLOW AIR: The Flower Of Portencross
5. JIGS: Ian Holmes' Compliments To Jimmy Shand, Charlie Hunter, Miss Jeanette Paterson's Jig
6. 2/4 MARCHES: Ian Thomson's Farewell To The Fife Police, Compliments to Willie Laird
7. WALTZ: Topsy Waltz
8. POLKAS: Royal Scots Polka, Old Toastie
9. SLOW AIR: Holacombe Brake
10. JIGS: Banjo Breakdown, Paddy's Leather Breeches
11. STRATHSPEYS: Taiyuan, Learig, Sarona
12. 2/4 & 6/8 MARCHES: Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering, Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's Wedding March
13. SLOW AIR: An Air For Bryce
14. WALTZES: Finskavalsen, Dragssspelvalsen
15. POLKA: Maggie Watson's Farewell To Blackhammer
16. 4/4 MARCHES: The Children, Eden Court, Jimmy Spankie
17. WALTZ: Jim & Mary Cook's Golden Wedding
18. REELS: Maxwell's Rant, Lass O' Gowrie, Maryhill Highlanders, Greendykes

Peter Bellamy - Barrack Room Ballads Of Rudyard Kipling [CDx2]

Peter had a theory that Rudyard Kipling was influenced by English Folk Songs. To that end Peter set about giving Kipling's poems tunes. Barrack Room Ballads was his third such album and the one which became the most sought after. Here with extra tracks from the album Soldiers Three, and more.

1. Tommy
2. Soldier, Soldier
3. Mandalay
4. Troopin'
5. Cells
6. Danny Deever
7. Bill 'Awkins
8. Shillin' A Day
9. Loot
10. The Widow At Windsor
11. The Widow's Party
12. Gunga Din
13. Ford O' Kabul River
14. Follow Me 'Ome
15. Young British Soldier
16. The Baynit And The Butt
17. That Day
18. Private Otheris' Song
19. Cholera Camp
20. The Ladies
21. Gentlemen Rankers
22. Route Marching
23. Back To The Army Again
24. Bill 'Awkins (Alternative Version)


Gren Bartley - Winter Fires [CD]

Gren's new album is another great leap forward for this celebrated songwriter. Employing his renowned guitar skills, poetic lyrics and subtly powerful voice Winter Fires is a collection of stunning songs with a wide spectrum of styles.

1. I Am Home
2. Porcelain Hand
3. Brick
4. Winter Fires
5. Hands
6. Wayward Stars
7. Waters Run Dry
8. Batween The Lines
9. Washed In Grey
10. The Sun Is On The Yardarm

McKenzie Sawers Duo - The Coral See [CD]

New music for Soprano Saxophone and Piano with Sue McKenzie (Saxophone) and Ingrid Sawers (Piano).

A Robert Mapplethorpe photograph and the playing style of Busoni’s favourite clarinettist - just two of the inspirations behind these six recent British works for saxophone and piano, which are linked by the composers’ relationship to popular music, whether oblique, overt, or antagonistic.

From the pounding muscularity of Graham Fitkin to the blues-drenched melancholy of Mark-Anthony Turnage, Edinburgh duo Sue McKenzie and Ingrid Sawers bring stylistic authority and idiomatic flair to everything they play on this, their debut recording.

Sue McKenzie is a past winner of the British Clarinet and Saxophone Society Young Performers Competition. As one of Scotland's leading contemporary saxophonists she has given UK and Scottish premieres of many new works for saxophone, including those from Gavin Bryars, Graham Fitkin and Amy Quate. Susan is also the leader of the Scottish Saxophone Ensemble and was an Assistant Director of the World Saxophone Congress in 2012.

Ingrid Sawers is in demand as one of Scotland's finest accompanists and chamber musicians, performing in venues including Usher Hall, Glamis Castle and Scone Palace, as well as widely throughout the UK and abroad. Ingrid has performed extensively with journalist John Suchet in his talk
Beethoven the Last Master. Recently she performed for HRH Prince Charles and First Minister Alex Salmond at the Palace of Holyrood.

1-3. Gabriel Jackson: The Coral Sea [16:45]
4. Graham Fitkin: Gate [8:25]
5. Nikki Iles: Alma Venus [7.40]
6. Graham Fitkin: Glass [2.51]
7-8. Mark Anthony Turnage: Two Memorials [4.57]
9. Gavin Bryars: Allegrasco* [18.11]

Concerto Caledonia - Airs, Minuets, Gavotts and Reels (Robert Mackintosh) [CD]

A chamber-scale Concerto Caledonia bring to life a key figure from the Golden Age of Scottish fiddle music, when the publishing of fiddle music books was in full spate and the familiar forms of strathspey, reel and jig were taking shape.

'Red Rob' Mackintosh, named in the customary Gaelic fashion after the colour of his hair, found himself a place in the orchestra of the Edinburgh Musical Society and set up business as a teacher. Airs, Minuets, Gavotts and Reels (1783) was his first collection, published the year before his ill-fated move to Aberdeen, and it represents his desire both to understand the musical world around him as fully as possible, and to forge himself a career within it. Concerto Caledonia have realised the music from within its pages, shedding light on an age when, not yet 'traditional', such dance genres still bore the imprint of their individual composers.

Concerto Caledonia is one of Scotland's premiere earlymusic ensembles with a reputation for reviving littleknown but important music. With their third disc on Delphian the band bring vital part of Scotland's heritage to a wider audience with the music of 'Red Rob'.

1. Capt. Macduff’s Delight – Miss Katty Troter’s Reel [2:12]
2. Minuetto [3:52]
3. Miss Grant of Grant’s Reel [1:05]
4. Miss Grace Stewart’s Minuet [2:19]
5. Gavotta [2:23]
6. Air [2:45]
7. Lady Helenora Home’s Reel – Miss Jessy Dalrymple’s Reel – Miss Stewart’s Reel – Miss Carre’s Reel [3:16]
8. The Duchess of Gordon’s Delight [4:06]
9. Miss Campbell’s Reel [1:28]
10. The Diamond Reel – Miss Burnet of Monboddo’s Reel [2:05]
11. Minuet – Quick Step [3:28]
12. Lady Betty Boyle’s Reel – Miss Scott’s Reel [1:49]
13. Miss Bewment’s Minuet – Air [2:58]
14. Lady Betty Cochran’s Reel [1:35]
15. Minuetto [3:03]
16. Lady Emelia Ker’s Minuet [5:43]
17. Gavotta [1:15]
18. Miss Henderson’s Minuet – Lady Wallace’s Reel [3:06]
19. Miss Pringle’s Reel [1:35]
20. Miss Baird’s Minuet [1:53]
21. Gavotta [1:45]
22. Allegro [5:03]
23. Largo [2:48]
24. Jigg [2:17]
25. March [2:16]


Jim Macleod and his Band - The Nice And Easy Collection [CD]

Favourite songs from the world of Jim MacLeod and his band. This collection has been selected from recordings made in the period 1986 to 2002.

1. Welcome To My World
2. My Wee Laddie
3. Lonely Scapa Flow
4. I'd Be A Legend In My TIme
5. Pittenweem Jo
6. Band Selection
( Comin' Thru The Rye, My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose, Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie )
7. Ballad of Glencoe
8. Bonnie Kirkwall Bay
9. Come By The Hills
10. Dunblane
11. Steel Away
12. Band Selection
( The Road & The Miles To Dundee, Loch Tay Boat Song, The Crooked Bawbee )
13. Whisky on a Sunday
14. Teach Me To Dance Real Slow
15. Forty Shades of Green
16. Mountain Tay
( Duet with David Cunningham )
17. Band Selection
( The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen, A Gordon for Me, Brig O' Balgownie )
18. If I Had My Life To Live Over
19. These Are My Mountains

Moray West - Scotland Boy [CD]

Scotland Boy is the extraordinary new album showcasing the sensational and heartbreakingly beautiful treble voice of the young Scottish schoolboy Moray West. It features Classical, Scots and popular songs and has been made with The Orchestra of Scottish Opera and many of Scotland’s finest professional musicians to help raise funds for Ciaran Pryce who suffered a serious neck injury in a rugby accident while playing for his high school.

This timeless, eclectic collection of songs is a truly special album.

3. QUEEN OF THE NIGHT from The Magic Flute
11. IN DREAMS from The Lord of the Rings
12. HEAR YE ISRAEL from Elijah
14. OMBRA MAI FU (Largo) from Xerxes

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bryce Johnstone - Sook 'n' Blaw [CD]

Bryce Johnstone is one of Scotland's foremost moothie players. Here he is joined by Bill Ewan on piano for a great selection of tunes from Scotland and beyond.

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Moray West - Scotland Boy [CD]

Scotland Boy is the extraordinary new album showcasing the sensational and heartbreakingly beautiful treble voice of the young Scottish schoolboy Moray West.

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