Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ceolbeg - Collected [CD]

The late Peter Boond was the only person who featured in every one of the band's many line-ups from its foundations in Dundee in the late 1970's, to the farewell concert in Edinburgh's Queen's Hall in 2003. It was Peter's determination, his vision and his drive that kept the band moving forward through all these years and he was immensely proud of that. 'Collected' is therefore dedicated to Peter Boond (1953 to 2013).
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Iain Cathcart and His Band - Truly Scrumptious [CD]

Iain Cathcart and His Band's second release Truly Scrumptious features the regular 6-piece line-up playing 15 tracks of their favourite music.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Music In Scotland News - April 2013

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Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band - From Scotland To Saitama

Iain MacPhail is joined by Brian Griffin on 2nd accordion, Isobelle Hodgson on keyboards, Judith Smith on fiddle and George Darling on Drums, and there is even a song from Alec Hodgson to round things off.

1. Grand March
2. The Braiding Reel (8x32)
3. Yaezakura Strathspey (4x32)
4. On The Toe (J 4x32)
5. encore
6. The Matsuri Strathspey (4x32)
7. The Rainbow Of Saitama (J 8x32)
8. Subarashi Saitama Strathspey (4x32)
9. encore
10. Seniors Be Full Power (J 3x32)
11. encore; Happy Smile (R 8x32)
12. Circle Waltz & Auld Lang Syne


Battlefield Band - Room Enough For All


This album captures Scotland's flagship band at the top of their game: the band's ever-fiery instrumental dynamic, with bagpipes and fiddles to the fore, exhibits the intuitive interplay and understanding between world class traditional musicians.

1. Bagpipe Music
2. Major George Morrison DSO
3. Farewell To Indiana
4. The Garron Trotting
5. Nic Coiseam
6. The Hairy Angler Fish
7. Ceann Loch An Duin
8. Duanag An t-Seoladair
9 The Eight Men Of Moidart
10. In Contempt
11. Tynes In Overtime


The Corries - The Definitive Corries Collection


The third in this hugely popular series of CDs taking the best tracks from the extensive recorded repertoire of the Corries. Anthemic, rousing, funny, sad, they are all represented here in all their splendour - enjoy.

1. Johnny Cope
2. Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
3. Dark Lochnagar
4. The Sunday Driver
5. Shenandoah
6. A Man's A Man
7. Come O'er The Stream Charlie
8. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
9. The Rattlin' Bog
10. The Haughs O' Cromdale
11. the Bantam Cock
12. Green Fields Of France
13. The Ettrick Lady
14. The Dawning Of The Day
15. Flower Of Scotland


James Graham, Fiona MacKenzie, Brian O hEadhra & Rachel Walker - Cruinn

Featuring four strong and distinctive Gaelic singers from Scotland and Ireland, the group draws on both original and traditional songs as well as material from some surprising sources on this lovely debut.

1. A Phiuthrag’s a Phiuthair
2. Gun Dòchas
3. Mala Chaol is Beul Tana
4. Phòs Iain Ailean
5. Faoiseamh
6. Càite Bheil i ann am Muile
7. Èirich Isean Èirich
8. Òran Celia
9. Fhalbh Oirre Ho
10. Hò Rò Mo Bhàta
11. Ceann Tràigh Ghruinneart


Eric Bogle - A Toss Of The Coin (with John Munro)

John Munro (guitars, mandolin, ukulele and vocals), as always, features greatly in Eric's line-up of studio musicians, which also includes the talents of Emma Luker (fiddle and cello), Damien Steele Scott (electric basses, piano and guitar), Pete Titchener (guitars and vocals), Jon James (drum and percussion), amongst several other guests. A formidable line up. Peter Titchener also recorded the album and co-produced it with Eric.

1. Ashes
2. By The Arafura Sea
3. Song For James
4. Absolution
5. In Flanders Fields
6. Reg Evans' Cradle
7. When An Angel Appears
8. Home Is The Hero
9. A Toss Of The Coin
10. Roll Call
11. Glory Days
12. Don't Throw Away Your Dreams


The Celtic Reggae Revolution - Everything Comes To Those Wait

The album is the latest creation of Northern Irish singer, songwriter and musician - Brian Gilligan. His previous album 'Listen to your heart' recorded with Paddyrasta - won praise and a cult following.

"Absolutely Terrific!" - BBC Radio Scotland Celtic Connections

Described as a "cross between The Pogues and Bob Marley"!

1. Positive
2. London Town
3. Good People
4. The United Mistakes Of America
5. Raggle Taggle Reggae
6. You've Got To Laugh
7. Spancil Hill / Gordon Wilson Is A Forgiver
8. Just Be True To Yourself
9. Ghandi's Triumph (Instrumental)
10. The Very Hairy Rasta Fairy (Instrumental)
11. You've Got To Laugh (DUB)
12. My Sweet Child


Gaelic Sounds Of Yesteryear Volume 4

 Robbie Shepherd said "The jigs & reels provide the happy carefree base but there is much more to enjoy in the items dovetailed in between with some memorable marches & slow airs. It's a cracker!"

1 The Duke of Perth, Lady McKenzie of Coul, Highland Lassie, Lass O'Gowrie
2. The Six Twenty Two Step, The Bonanza Two Step
3. John Robertson's Scottish Waltz
4. Forbes Morrison, MacKenzie Hay, The Laird O'Thrums
5. James Logan OBE (Duet by G Middler and A Kain)
6. Peter's Peerie Boat, Balcomie House, Miss Anne Jamieson, Edmund MacKenzie of Plockton
7. Iain MacPhail's Welcome to Shetland, Murray River Jig, Bowing the Strings (performed by our Junior Section)
8. Jake McKay's Two Step
9. The 74th Farewell to Edinburgh, The Kirrie Kebbuck, The Bride's Reel
10. Cluny Castle
11. Highland Barndance, Trumpet Hornpipe
12. Farewell to the Creeks, Brigadier Snow (Soloist - S Mackintosh)
13. Sweet Biddy Daly, Roaring Jelly, Over the Water, The Irish Hut, Father O'Flynn, The Irish Washerwoman
14. Loch Tay Boat Song, Hunter's Hill, Gordon B Cosh, Miss Jean C Milligan (performed by K Morrice, L Mountford , P Tees & P Murray)
15. Miss E Purcell's Favourite, Bill Cochrane, Miss Mary Douglas, C M Hall


Ian Holmes & His Scottish Dance Band - Sounds Scottish

The Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society second album released on CD, recorded in BBC Beechgrove studios Aberdeen. A great selection of marches, reels, jigs, slow airs and more. Features Highland Cathedral and Flower of Scotland with the orchestra accompanied by bagpipes.

1. 25th Kings Own Scottish Borderers Farewell to Meerut, Dovecote Park
2. Sarah's Waltz
3. The Man from Newry, The Firefly, The Saratoga Hornpipe
4. ASRS Tribute to Donald and Sylvia
5. Blind Man's Reel, Black Velvet Waltz (performed by our Junior Section)
6. Elizabeth Adair, The Pomander Jig, My Dungannon Sweetheart, The Wind that Shaks the Piggery
7. Hamish's Tune, Lucky Scaup, Persian Dance
8. Highland Cathedral (with Graham Thompson on bagpipes)
9. Theodore Napier, The Sands of Murness, The Fairy Dance
10. Highland Wedding
11. Ashokan Farewell
12. Munster Lass, Light and Airy, Janet Beaton (performed by our Junior Section)
13. Turkey in the Straw, Golden Slippers, Dixie, Oh Susanna
14. Seud Nan Ceud Bliadhna
15. Snug in the Blanket, Kirsteen Clavey, Calliope House
16. Bonnie Nancy, Margaret's Waltz, Pipe Major John Stewart, The New High Level
17. The Flower of Scotland, Scotland the Brave, The Juggernaut, The Atholl Highlanders, Mrs Macleod of Raasay, The De'il Among the Tailors, Soldiers Joy, Mason's Apron, Staten Island, Caddam Wood (with Graham Thompson on bagpipes)


Joe Tilston - Embers

 Recorded live at the 2006 Fiddlers' Rally in Aberdeen Music Hall. Includes the slow air Love of the Isles, a Burns medley & a Harry Lauder medley. Scottish music featuring the fiddles & accordions of the Aberdeen Society and guests from other societies.

1. Hail to Bon-Accord
2. Whistling Rufus
3. The Wee Man from Skye, Pipe Major Wm Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police
4. Da Ferry Reel, The Doon Hingin' Tie, Tammy Andersen
5. The MacIntosh Patrick March
6. The Love of the Isles
7. Glencoe, Willie Hunter's Compliments to Dan R MacDonald, Mrs Norma Keegan
8. The Man from Newry, The Firefly, Paul Anderson's Hornpipe
9. Flow Gently Sweet Afton, There Was a Lad, Ye Banks & Braes
10. Professor Blackie, J Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr MacDonald
11. Roamin' in the Gloamin, Just a wee Deoch and Doris, The Saftest o' the Family, Stop Yer Tickling Jock, I Love a Lassie, The End of the Road
12. Adam Robertson, Kerr's Pink, The Directors, Bert Pozzie
13. Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (Junior Orchestra)
14. Thingummy Jig Polka
15. The Braes of Castle Grant, The Glasgow City Police Pipers, Donald MacLeod's Reel
16. The Kesh Jig, The Boys of Ballymore, Maureen's Jig, Fergie Plus One


Tim Edey - Homemade Dropped D Guitar Series 1

The Tim Edey's Homemade Dropped D Guitar Series 1 DVD is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the basics and more of this popular tuning.

Filmed entirely alone by Tim, this DVD is not meant to be a glitzy style movie, but an organic and incredibly useful learing tool for any guitarist beginning or wishing to learn or improve the basics and more of drop D tuning for Celtic and Folk music but can be applied to any genre within reason.

Playing a reel including rhythm & styles, Jigs & Polkas including detailed rhythm lessons, learn the popular tune 'Little Bird' written by Tim for Sharon Shannon, live clips of the tunes to play along with, and much more.

Over 1 hour of teaching and much more to get you going accompanying Celtic music.


Introduction by Tim
The basics & playing a reel
Playing jigs
Little Bird and tutorial
Chords & more
Live clips & play along

Format: PAL



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Anam - Tine Gheal / Bright Fire


In 13 tracks Anam manage to convince the listener that they are capable of tackling anything…brilliantly!

"Anam are a truly contemporary example of how traditional music can be delivered into the new millennium…Enchanting." - Hot Press

1. Time Gheal Bright Fire
2. The Conundrum The Conundrum (march);Peter MacKinnon of Skeabust (reel);Eli
3. In O
4. Will You Break My Heart?
5. Heb Dewa Without End (jig);Johnny Byrne's Jig
6. Mhurchaidh Bhig A Chinn A' Chonais Little Murdoch, Best At Baiting
7. Father Tim Father Tim (hornpipe);Ennis Teag/Quiet Island (hornpipe)
8. S' Gann Gun Dirich Mi Chaoidh It Is Unlikely I Will Ever Climb
9. The Seagull Allisdrum's Jig (Trad.);The seagull (jig);Anna-Wendy's Jig
10. North Americay
11. Tane An Gove The Smith's Fire;Trevince (polka march);Tane An Gove (polka
12. Nan's Song
13. Ta An Oiche Seo Dorcha This Night Is Dark

Anam - Riptide


Music from Scotland, Ireland and Celtic-Cornwall is featured on this stunning second album from this Scots/Irish group. The musicianship is impeccable and the songs, whether original or traditional material, are very well presented.

1. Riptide (reels);Riptide;Nugent's Reel;Wonders Never Cease
2. This Time
3. Kjetil's Song
4. An Blew Treghys (Cornish gavottes);Can Dilly(Dilly's Song);Ewon An Mor (Spra
5. Mo Chailin Donn (My Brown Haired Girl)
6. Mary And The Soldier
7. The Long Night (slip jigs);The Long Night;The First Light of Day
8. House On The Hill (reels);Man of the House;The Broadstone Inn;House on the Hil
9. Westlin' Winds
10. Fourteen Days
11. Belgarth Waltz
12. Aird A Chaumhaing
13. The Way Is Clear


Brian O hEadhra - Life


Anam's front-man and songwriter's debut solo album. Gorgeous vocal timbre, superb bluesy guitar, but not an album for a bad hair day! Songs of the more negative aspects of life, maybe from Brian's own experiences; certainly song-smithing to make you think.

1. Lament for the Lonely
2. Sleep Until I Die
3. Life
4. Not as Young
5. Time For Sleep
6. People
7. The Journey
8. True Love Songs
9. Live to Love
10. Nothing Ever Happens
11. At the End of the Day



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Donald Macintyre - Aeolus! [Book + CD]


Donald Macintyre won the Bardic Crown at the National Mod in 1938, and one judge hailed "Aeolus" as the"Gaelic poem of the century". Here it is presented with parallel translation, notes and is also on the Free CD with musical accompaniment.