Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Scottish Country Dance Releases

New CD

Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band - From Scotland To Saitama

Iain MacPhail

Iain MacPhail is joined by Brian Griffin on 2nd accordion, Isobelle Hodgson on keyboards, Judith Smith on fiddle and George Darling on Drums, and there is even a song from Alec Hodgson to round things off.

1. Grand March
2. The Braiding Reel (8x32)
3. Yaezakura Strathspey (4x32)
4. On The Toe (J 4x32)
5. encore
6. The Matsuri Strathspey (4x32)
7. The Rainbow Of Saitama (J 8x32)
8. Subarashi Saitama Strathspey (4x32)
9. encore
10. Seniors Be Full Power (J 3x32)
11. encore; Happy Smile (R 8x32)
12. Circle Waltz & Auld Lang Syne


Updated Scottish Country Dance CD Index

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