Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anam CDs - But One, Get One Free

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Offer ends 31st March 2013

Anam - First Footing

Anam - First Footing

"The energy they bring to their music is palpable, both in their traditional outings and the quite beautiful self-penned tracks…that this album flows as smoothly as it does is a tribute to the insight of these particular musicians."

1. Mylie's Revenge (reel) / The Pipers Wedding (reel)
2. Take This Moment
3. Siul, A Ruin
4. The Last Pint (reel)/ Trim The Velvet (reel)
5. The Next Market Day/ The Market Square (waltz)
6. Planxty Joe Burke (planxty)
7. Lovely Joan
8. Dan Amhairgin
9. Shetlag (jig)
10. Sally Free and Easy
11. The Sweet Flowers Of Milltown (jig)/ The Sweet Flowers Of Milton (reel)
12. The Liberty

Anam - Tine Gheal / Bright Fire

Anam - Tine Gheal /
Bright Fire

In 13 tracks Anam manage to convince the listener that they are capable of tackling anything…brilliantly!

"Anam are a truly contemporary example of how traditional music can be delivered into the new millennium…Enchanting." - Hot Press

1. Time Gheal Bright Fire
2. The Conundrum The Conundrum (march);Peter MacKinnon of Skeabust (reel);Eli
3. In O
4. Will You Break My Heart?
5. Heb Dewa Without End (jig);Johnny Byrne's Jig
6. Mhurchaidh Bhig A Chinn A' Chonais Little Murdoch, Best At Baiting
7. Father Tim Father Tim (hornpipe);Ennis Teag/Quiet Island (hornpipe)
8. S' Gann Gun Dirich Mi Chaoidh It Is Unlikely I Will Ever Climb
9. The Seagull Allisdrum's Jig (Trad.);The seagull (jig);Anna-Wendy's Jig
10. North Americay
11. Tane An Gove The Smith's Fire;Trevince (polka march);Tane An Gove (polka
12. Nan's Song
13. Ta An Oiche Seo Dorcha This Night Is Dark

Anam - Riptide

Anam - Riptide
Music from Scotland, Ireland and Celtic-Cornwall is featured on this stunning second album from this Scots/Irish group. The musicianship is impeccable and the songs, whether original or traditional material, are very well presented.

1. Riptide (reels);Riptide;Nugent's Reel;Wonders Never Cease
2. This Time
3. Kjetil's Song
4. An Blew Treghys (Cornish gavottes);Can Dilly(Dilly's Song);Ewon An Mor (Spra
5. Mo Chailin Donn (My Brown Haired Girl)
6. Mary And The Soldier
7. The Long Night (slip jigs);The Long Night;The First Light of Day
8. House On The Hill (reels);Man of the House;The Broadstone Inn;House on the Hil
9. Westlin' Winds
10. Fourteen Days
11. Belgarth Waltz
12. Aird A Chaumhaing
13. The Way Is Clear

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