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Music In Scotland News - May 2012

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The Band From Rockall: Calum & Rory MacDonald CD

Runrig founders Calum & Rory go it alone - well, with a few friends to help them! Exploring the impact of rock 'n' roll and pop on their Gaelic culture, the song-writing is unmistakable, the feel is clearly Runrig but with other elements deftly woven in.

1. The Band From Rockall
2. Luaidh
3. There's A Chain
4. One Way Ticket
5. The Days
6. Mairi Bhan
7. Eval
8. When I Walk Among The Hills
9. Am Bard Deireannach
10. Nighean Og Nan Suilean Ciuin
11. For The Love Of Alison
12. Into The Aurora

A Highland Journey Volume 2 CD

The musicians are Jack Evans (Producer), Pete Clark and Marc Duff who play a wide variety of instruments including guitars, fiddle, various whistles and a lot more. Jack was a member of several Scottish folk bands and currently teaches at Plocton School of Excellence. Pete was a member of Heritage and a number of solo fiddle albums to his credit, plus he teaches fiddle. Mas is an ex-member of Capercaillie , has played in many other groups and is in huge demand as a session musician.

1. The Highlands Of Scotland; Music In The Glen
2. Perthshire; Kenmore
3. Glen Lyon
4. The Lass Of Glenshee; Lochnagar; Cairngorm
5. The Source Of The Spey Set; The North Side Of The Spey; The Banks Of The Spey
6. The Highland Chieftain; Bonny Highland Hills
7. Culloden
8. Glenmoriston; Loch Ness; Kintail
9. The Forest Where The Deer Resort
10. Torridon; Glenelg; The Sound Of Sleat
11. Old Skye Air; The Fairy Glen; The Misty Isle Of Skye
12. The Mountains Of Jura; The Maid Of Islay; The Sound Of Mull
13. The Caledonian March; Music In The Glen

Gillie MacKenzie - Griais CD

A beautiful collection of songs in Gaelic and English from Gillie MacKenzie reflecting her life in Lewis & the Lothians. Superb accompaniment from Ewan MacPherson, Alasdair White, Mhairi Hall, James Mackintosh & Ailig Hunter.

1. Thogail A' Bhuntat
2. Grinn Donn Sgiobalta
3. Laighinn Leat
4. O Mhairi 'S Tu Mo Mhairi
5. Traigh Ghriais
6. Broyges Tantz
7. Do M' Cheile
8. Peacocks And Pearls
9. Moch Diluain Ghabh I 'N Cuan
10. Kitty Alice

Phamie Gow - Road Of The Loving Heart CD

The multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, and producer Phamie Gow has produced another superb album. This CD features 13 beautiful tunes composed by and performed on piano by Phamie, plus a bonus video of Carousel.

1. Peace Song
2. Carousel
3. Road Of The Loving Heart
4. Innocence
5. Regresso A Chile
6. Au revoir Elsa
7. White Horse
8. London
9. Exile
10. Thank You
11. Larva
12. Chrusalis
13. Love Dance

The Campbells - Fonn CD

An album of songs & mouth music from The Campbell family of singers from Greepe on the Isle of Skye. Kenna and Seumas, Maggie MacDonald, Mary Ann & Wilma Kennedy - each a great singer in their own right - together an astonishing assembly of talent.

1. Ceud Soraidh, Ceud Slainte
2. Seat nan Gillean
3. Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhean Dhachaigh
4. Mugarradh is Grulainn
5. Cnoc nan Craobh
6. Seat nan Nighean
7. Airigh Luachrach Uige
8. Seat Alasdair
9. Fhir a' Chinn Duibh
10. Sios Dhan an Abhainn
11. M' Agh Donn
12. Seat na Spreidhe
13. Uamh an Oir

Mhairi Hall & Patsy Reid - Contours Of Cairngorm CD

A continuous live recording of contemporary and trad music from Scotland. Inspired by Mhairi Hall Trio's debut CD the music has been developed and orchestrated for the acclaimed string ensemble, Edinburgh Quartet.

1. Sunrise
2. The World's Gone Over Me Now
3. A Good Winter
4. Contours Of Cairngorm
5. Mrs Anderson's Of Kincraig
6 Tullochgrue
7. Craig Ellachie
8. Cairngorm Dance

Duncan McCrone - Colourblind CD

Duncan is one of Scotland's most sensitive songwriters and accomplished performers. The 13 tracks on this CD include self-penned, trad & new songs by Phil Ochs, Rab Noakes & others. He is joined by some of Scotland's finest traditional musicians.

1. Days Like Today
2. Colourblind
3. The Lantern Of The Lonely
4. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore
5. Never A Soldier
6. The Fishing Days
7. Baltic Street
8. Ae Fond Kiss
9. Waiting Here For You
10. Harbour View Hotel
11. Wear A Suit
12. (I Wanna Be) American
13. Now That The Stars Have Fallen

Alan Reid and Rob van Sante - Adventures Of John Paul Jones CD

An album of songs composed by Battlefield Band's Alan Reid about the life of the celebrated and feared naval commander John Paul Jones. Alan is joined by his trusty sidekick Rob Van Sante and half-a-dozen other top musicians.

1. The Gairdner's Son
2. The Disappearance
3. John Jones
4. Landlord
5. Rigging The Ship
6. The Petit Commodore
7. Daniel
8. On The Loose
9. Holland
10. Providence Belles
11. Becalmed
12. Baltic Crossing
13. Tsarina, Tsarina
14. When I Was Young
15. The Chevalier

Gold Medalists All: Volume 2 CD

The second volume of vintage recordings of Mod Gold medallists features a wide variety of talent. Sit back and enjoy another nostalgic collection of some of Gaeldom's finest singers including Calum Cameron, George Clavey, Alasdair Gillies; Calum Kennedy…

1. Archie Maclean - An Teid Thu Leam, A Rhibhinn Oig?
2. Calum Cameron - Fagail Bharraigh
3. Joan MacKenzie - A Fhleasgaich Oig As Ceanalta
4. George Clavey - Morag A Dunbheagan
5. Calum Kennedy - A Pheigi, A Ghraidh
6. Alasdair Gillies - Leis An Lurgainn
7. Neil MacLean - An t-Eilean Muileach
8. Mary Sandeman - Feasgar Agus Ceo Ann
9. Calum Kennedy - Ho Mhairi, He Mhairi
10. Archie Maclean - Gaol Nan Cruinneag
11. Alasdair Gillies - Mo Mhaithair
12. Calum Cameron - Foghnan Na h-Albainn
13. George Clavey - A Nighneag, A Ghraidh
14. Joan MacKenzie - Oran Hiortach
15. Neil MacLean - O Theid Mi Gad Amharc
16. Mary Sandeman - Theid Mi Dhachaidh

Legendary Gaelic Singers Volume 1 CD

Nine of the best Gaelic singers ever recorded are featured in this collection taken from old vinyl records. Archie MacTaggart, Margaret MacDonald, Calum Kennedy, George Clavey, Alasdair Gillies, Joan MacKenzie, Donald MacRae, Neil MacLean & Calum Cameron.

1. Archie MacTaggart - Eilean Mo Chridh
2. Alasdair Gillies - Eilidh
3. Margaret MacDonald - An T-Eilean Aluinn
4. Calum Cameron - Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna
5. Donald MacRae - Ho Mhairi, He Mhairi
6. Calum Kennedy - Bratach Bana
7. Joan MacKenzie - Theid Mi Fhin
8. Archie MacTaggart - Birlinn Cholla Chiotaich
9. George Clavey - Tiugainn Leam Thair Saile
10. Alasdair Gillies - Cailin Mo Run-sa
11. Margaret MacDonald - Cronan Bleoghainn
12. Calum Cameron - Cruinneag Dhonn Nam Bo
13. George Clavey - Duannag And T-Seoladair
14. Calum Kennedy - Fali, Fali Fali Oro
15. Neil MacLean - Nighean Donn A Chuailein Riomhaich
16. Donald MacRae - Thoir Mo Shoraidh Chun Na Paisd

Sandy Brechin - Out Of His Box CD

Re-issue of CDBAR6001. The brilliant box-player from Seelyhoo & Burach, Sandy's playing is dynamite - a very modern approach, but very musical too! The album includes many of Sandy's own stunning compositions.

1. Hangin' Out The Windows
2. Buckfast At Tiffany's
3. The Bouzouki Reel
4. Charlie Stuart's Jig
5. Roddy's Last Trip
6. The Drunken Tattie Howker
7. The Meudail is Maighear's mo Ghraidh
8. Tommy Peoples
9. Three Good Fellows
10. Nice Hands, Shame About The Face
11. The Crapper
12. The Dusty Windowsill
13. Admiral On The Bow
14. The St. Bernard Waltz

Simon Chadwick - Old Gaelic Laments CD

For his second CD Simon Chadwick plays a medieval clarsach and sings in Gaelic. He is joined by Ealasaid Gilfillan reciting Gaelic poetry.

1. Is Eagal Leam An Bas
2. Am Bas Is Flathanas
3. Cumh Easbig Earraghaal
4. Oran Do Iain Breac MacLeod
5. Caoine Rioghaill
6. King James March To Ireland
7. Uamh An Oir
8. Feachain Gleis
9. Cumh Peathar Ruari
10. A' Ghlas Mheur
11. Cumha Lachlainn Daill
12. The Clarge's Lamentation
13. A Starai A Ghoid Mo Chlu-sa Uaim

A Complete Vision Of The Corries Volume 1 DVD

The DVD is region free and has a PAL version on one side and an NTSC version on the other side, so it will play in any DVD player.

Following the untimely death of Roy Williamson in 1990 the BBC released a hugely popular video titled, Flower of Scotland - A Vision of The Corries. That video was compiled from selected songs from the 1987 series recorded for the BBC. Now for the first time since 1987 the entire series is available on DVD as A Complete Vision of The Corries. Volume 1 presents the first 3 programmes from the series.

1. MacPherson's Rant
2. Bogie's Bonnie Bell
3. All God’s Creatures
4. Reivers Galley
5. North Sea Shoals
6. The Rattling Bog
7. Strangest Dream
8. The Roses of Prince Charlie
9. Twa Recruitin' Sergents
10. Haughs O' Cromdale
11. Loch Tay Boat Song
12. Kate Dalrymple / Trim The Velvet (Instrumental)
13. Ae Fond Kiss
14. Kishmul's Galley
15. Nutbrown Maiden
16. The Leaving of Liverpool
17. Rosin The Beau
18. The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
19. Liverpool Judies
20. The Massacre of Glencoe
21. The Dashing Arts
22. The Lads Among Heather
23. Welcome Royal Charlie
24. Will Ye Go Lassie Go

A Complete Vision Of The Corries Volume 2 DVD

The DVD is region free and has a PAL version on one side and an NTSC version on the other side, so it will play in any DVD player.

More songs selected from the 1987 Corries TV series recorded for the BBC. Volume 2 presents the last 3 programmes from the series.

1. The Rose of Allendale
2. Lord Of The Dance
3. Loch Lomond
4. The Derry Hornpipe
5. Lucille
6. Birnie Boozle
7. Dark Lochnagar
8. The News From Moidart
9. Come O'er The Stream Charlie
10. Barrett's Privateers
11. The Bantam Cock
12. Lock The Door Lariston
13. Parcel Of Rogues
14. Mingulay Boat Song
15. The Dawning Of The Day
16. Killiecrankie
17. The Lammas Tide
18. The Green Fields Of France
19. Rehabilitation Blues
20. Heiland Harry
21. Jock O' Braidislee
22. Flower Of Scotland
23. Will Ye No Come Back Again


Rachel Hair - Mostly Scottish Harp Vol 2 Book

The second volume of Celtic tunes includes traditional tunes arranged by Rachel and her own compositions. The treble and bass clef notation is un-ornamented but fingering suggestions are given in places. A4.

1. The Three Goodfellows
2. Eilean Aigas
3. Bodaich Bheag Abriachan
4. Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn
5. I Lost my Harp in Barcelona
6. Alistair m'annsachd
7. Ho Ro Mo Bhoban an Dram
8. Eibhlin Aruin
9. No More Wings
10. Hie Mee Stiagh
11. A. A. Camerons
12. The Keel Row
13. Mylecharaine's March
14. Kilmartin Sky
15. Lamb Skinnet
16. Francie's
17. A Swedish Waltz

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